After practicing yoga for over thirty years down in the big smoke we felt called to move back into nature into an environment ideal to go deeper into the higher limbs of yoga practice. The Vedas suggest that when one comes to the middle of ones life (around 50) to change ones mode of life and spend more time on spiritual practice than on earning ones livelihood. This mode of life is called vanaprashtha (forest dweller). This same mode of life is suggested in many yogic texts. Although our modern society strongly discourages us to devote ourselves primarily to spiritual practice when one could accumulate wealth, we decided to take the leap.

This blog will give you updates of what we are currently working on and it will give us the opportunity to stay in contact with the many people and students we have worked with throughout the last few decades. Of course if you want to post any questions, your mountaintop yogis will do their best to answer them.

Natural and Spiritual Evolution

The currently predominant concept of Western Science regarding our evolution can be succinctly summarized in this way: We are individual flesh-robots powered by selfish genes that are trying to survive in a hostile or at least indifferent universe. We are pitched against similar bio mechanoids of the same and other species who are attempting to survive by outsmarting others in competing for limited resources. […]

Mountaintop Metaphor Revisited

Objectless samadhi is like the summit of a mighty mountain. In order to reach the summit you must decide on an angle of ap- proach. Each path leading to the top represents a particular school of thought, a philosophy, a science, a religion, or a school of yoga. On the way up, your view of the mountain is limited. You see only one side. Because you cannot see the other approaches, it might appear as though your path, the particular school that you follow, is the only feasible one. While you are on the path, this is a reasonable belief. […]

The Role of the Adductors in Backbends

Many yoga practitioners instinctually know to engage their inner thigh muscles (adductors) in backbends to prevent their knees from falling out to the sides. Let’s examine how we can utilise this action to ignite our core, expand our backward arch and experience simultaneously more stability and spaciousness in backbends. […]

The Child and the Mystical State

In moments when everything is taken away from us, we may remember, in deep grief, that there is something within that cannot be lost or gained. Something that is forever and eternally uncreated and un-born and that will never die. I had such a moment in my childhood when I awakened to this entity. […]

Is the World an Illusion, the Body a Prison and Woman a Spiritual Obstacle?

Yoga Sutra 1.2 states: “Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind.” But this stanza only defines objectless samadhi, the higher of the two types. Taken out of context and without being supplemented by the other definitions of samadhi, one might think yoga was only about stillness—which it isn’t! Stillness is important for a healthy mind and for spirituality, but it is not everything! If this were the case, yoga would just be an escape from the world and from our busy minds—not unlike taking a pill to treat depression. It also would mean that yoga is only about bringing the entire world to a standstill. It’s more than that.

Bhakti and the Tree of Eternal Life

When Paramahamsa Ramakrishna was asked how he attained samadhi his answer was, “Through total acceptance of the gift of samadhi from the Divine.” This is the most direct way! I am not saying other methods suggested should not be practiced, but they should be supplemented and crowned with this effort of Bhakti Yoga. […]

Muscles, Emotions & the Heart of Them

Everything we ever experience affects every cell in our body. And we feel that. We’ve all noticed the increase in the rate of our breath when we’re excited or scared, how smooth and calm we breathe when we are relaxed. Sometimes these feelings well up and move freely through us, we process them and feel cleared of their effects. At other times we hold some of the tension in our bodies and the residue of their effects remain. Our muscles, being contractile in nature, are the perfect storage place for tension. Specific muscles tend to accumulate the effects of specific feelings, emotions and attitudes. We have all recognised these patterns in ourselves as well as the people around us. Our body, our posture tell their own unique story. […]

Are We Turning Earth Into Our Own Graveyard?

A new article has just been posted on the BBC website called “Earth ‘entering new extinction phase’ – US study”. The article describes a study tabled by Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley universities, ringing alarm bells that vertebrate species are becoming extinct at a rate 114 times faster than normal. The last mass extinction event took place 65 years ago and the current 6th mass extinction, so the scientist, will likely claim humanity as a victim even during the early phases of this extinction.

The Greatness of Padmasana

At one point during pranayama in Padmasana, when adding external kumbhakas and Kundalini techniques I became so ecstatic that I literally lost any sense of time passing. I would come out of these sessions with my legs having gone completely numb. […]