Now on Escaping Samsara podcast!

The following subjects are discussed:

  • First glimpses of infinity
  • Doer mentality, surrendering and grace
  • What led Gregor to the practice of the 8-limbed Yoga
  • Immersing into teachings today vs in old times
  • Tibetian Ngöndro, Six Yogas of Naropa, Dzogchen
  • Purification practices within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and the mechanisms behind them
  • Why your meditation doesn’t work
  • Happiness and robotic conditioning
  • Gregor’s spiritual practice and the sense of freedom
  • Breath waves
  • Experience of Cosmic intelligence on different levels
  • The differences and similarities of different spiritual paths
  • Svadharma
  • Gregor’s observation of the modern Yoga landscape

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