In this deep and rewarding conversation Scott Johnson talks to author, yoga teacher and mystic Gregor Maehle on his life as a seeker in the contemplative and spiritual traditions. Gregor shares how his childhood created the bedrock for a life of spiritual discovery, the outcome being a life embedded within the mystical limbs of yoga and contemplative practice. Scott and Gregor talk openly about Gregor’s life as a yoga practitioner and mystic. Gregor shares:

  • How he grew up in a catholic upbringing.
  • How he had a mystical experience aged 6.
  • How he read mystical books from a very young age.
  • How he took psychedelics in his late teens but the integration as a spiritual experience didn’t work.
  • How in his twenties he did the guru trail in India.
  • How he decided to spend his life doing personal sadhana.
  • Why mystical experiences are not spontaneous.
  • Why you should work with hypotheses rather than belief.
  • Why the mystical state is your birth right.
  • How in his forties he developed a relationship with Jesus.
  • How the ego gets in the way of the mystical experience and is known in many traditions with different names.
  • How we need to be in the service of all beings.
  • Why yoga is the most powerful tool for transformation.
  • What the inspiration is that he uses to write his books.
  • How we can all find our life’s purpose.
  • How we can stay connected to nature.
  • What the most important thing is that he has discovered through his practice.

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