My respect and gratitude to Mary Taylor who is coming out in support of Karen Rain in her latest blog article. Mary powerfully writes, “I see this as a time when the ashtanga lineage has an opportunity to evolve into one that is founded in truth rather than avoidance or denial, openness rather than tunnel vision, caring for others rather than putting ourselves first.”

My respect again to Karen Rain. You taught all of us a lot through your interview in which you were so vulnerable and authentic but at the same time so lucid and clear. My apologies again for burying my head in the sand for too long. Through my silence I have enabled a culture of domination, silencing and coercion to continue.

Your speaking out has created for us all a platform to come together to renew and cleanse our yoga. For that I am truly grateful to you. While I came on board late, I will continue to be here to support you in your (and our) journey of healing.

Let us work together so that this cannot happen again