Here is a talk that I had with Tom Richter from GaiaYoga Zagreb about Tantric Meditation and Mudras, which will be part of my upcoming workshop there in May. As was to be expected we ended up talking about much more, including:

Difference between tantric and yogic meditation.
What is difficult about yogic meditation?
What is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra?
How do we approach the large variety of tantric meditation techniques?
In what types of scenarios does tantric meditation work?
What is mudra?
Types of mudras and their differing functions
Difference of approaches to mudras in Vaishnavaite and Shaivite traditions.
How to be congruent in one’s practice
Why it is better to come from really wanting to practise rather than goading oneself to do it.
What is the problem with the visual Influencer approach to yoga?
Why experience is important for teaching?