This Online Yoga Sutra course consists of 15 lessons with each lesson approximately 60 minutes long. During the LIVE version, questions can be asked. The recorded version is available immediately after each lesson is completed. All videos are available permanently and indefinitely and can be watch whenever it suits you.

The Yoga Sutra is a tool to gain inner freedom. Inner freedom means to be able to 
dictate our mind what to do, what it needs to
think or when it should be quiet rather than our
 mind bossing us around. Studying the Yoga Sutra is a training that teaches you to use your mind in 
the same efficient and creative way as asana is a training to use your body. For this purpose
 we need to be able to understand and free us from our conditioning (vasana). You will
 understand how conditioning is created by your past thoughts, words and actions and how to change future conditioning by changing your present thoughts, words and actions.

Another important goal of Yoga Sutra is the integration of meditative experiences
or glimpses into our life. We may have had great experiences of happiness but without their proper integration, apart from the actual moment of experience, they are often not of lasting value. The Yoga Sutra helps us to put them into perspective and integrate them into our lives, leading to lasting change. 

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