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The End of the Guru Part 3

In the wake of the Anusara-, Kausthub Desikachar-, Bikram-, and Satyananda lineage scandals I am asking myself why so many gurus in the last 40 years have been deconstructed? Does this mean that gurus have always behaved like this or has something fundamentally changed? And why are spiritual teachers now possibly needed more than ever before?

Saving Your Neck, Understanding the Biomechanics of Neck Problems – Part 1

Our necks are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body and once we have a neck problem they can be complex to resolve.

There are a few reasons why the neck cops the brunt of it. Firstly the neck or cervical spine has the greatest range of movement possible in the entire spine. This is partially due to the specific angle of the facet joints that connect each vertebra to the next but also due to the high ratio of vertebral body to disc height. This means that the vertebral discs in our neck are the thinnest and thereby the most vulnerable.

The End of the Guru Part 2

Could it be that in order to develop your highest potential you have to blaze your own trail? Whether we find that to be true or not I believe that this world is in a deep spiritual crisis and spiritual teachers are in demand as never before. On the other hand the current trajectory of gurus being debunked one after the other for sexual abuse, manipulation, psycho-terror, accumulation of massive wealth, etc. deeply mars the prospects of spirituality to revolutionize our society and propel our evolution. And this despite the fact that this evolution and revolution is absolutely urgent and imperative as it can turn us away from the chasm of ecocide (destruction of our biosphere).
Let me propose a few ideas, which may enable spiritual development such as yoga to take on this role. These ideas are intended to create an ecology (relationship of organisms towards each other) and hygiene of the student/ teacher relationship. I propose that what we need are teachers that know, in Ram Dass’ words, that they are just ‘showing’ the path but that they ‘are’ not the path.

Sparing Your Spine Off The Mat

We give a lot of attention to what we do on our mat, precision, alignment, conscious movement, etc. However, it is what we do most that matters the most and most of this time is off our mat! The relatively short time we spend doing our yoga practice can never compensate for what we do for the other 22 hours of the day. The greatest stress for most people is the static monotonous postures that we adopt. That spells out as lack of movement being the greatest problem.