I am hereby presenting the eight volume or my series of yoga text books, Mudras – Seals of Yoga. I started to write this book over ten years ago, and it was to be the first volume in a Mudra, Pranayama, Meditation trilogy. Instead I changed course and focussed on Pranayama The Breath of Yoga and subsequently Yoga Meditation – Through Mantra, Chakras and Kundalini to Spiritual Freedom. The methods presented in these two volumes, although to a large extent supported and informed by the Mudra material, proved so potent that I neglect the original project. After my fifth volume Samadhi The Great Freedom interest in my work grew and I spent more and more time presenting my material to audiences around the world. Being by nature a recluse-level introvert, I had to completely change my personality to rise to that challenge. For a number of years I had the privilege to personally connect with students around the world and see them transform through the work. On the downside this led to my writing falling by the wayside. While further volumes condensed in my head, I was wondering how I would ever find the time, introversion and muse to write them.

This opportunity came during the COVID pandemic. With Australia closing its borders for almost two years I managed to complete two important long-term projects, How to Find Your Life’s Divine Purpose, containing my teachings on the yogic process of sankalpa (affirmation, resolution) and bhavana (cultivation of thought processes in alignment with the Divine) and Chakras, Drugs and Evolution – A Map of Transformative States, my response to the current reboot of the psychedelic revolution, including a topography of mystical experiences. After having completed both, the path was now free to return to the long-neglected Mudras – Seals of Yoga. The reason why this project kept lingering in the back of my mind is because the chakra-Kundalini meditation described in Yoga Meditation is a demanding and complex method that demands a certain readiness of mind. This readiness is often achieved through the long-term practice of asana and pranayama but it can still be a taxing process. This current volume, apart from other important subject matter, describes how  mudras can supercharge and accelerate one’s asana, pranayama and meditation practice so that success in chakra-Kundalini meditation is achieved more quickly. May the mudras lead to swift success!