Sacred Sounds eBook


A collection of Illuminating Vedic hymns, Tantric dhāranās & Sanskrit prayers.



This eBook is an educational tool to accompany my ‘Sacred Sounds’ mantra album. The mantras are presented with the diacritical markings to indicate the correct Sanskrit pronunciation. The words are again given in their phonetic form, which roughly represents their pronunciation. For more on the theory and energetics of chanting Sanskrit mantras please refer to my on-demand video, ‘Sacred Sounds Theory’.

Although the vibrational energy encrypted in each mantra is sufficient for transformation, translations of the mantras are included to inspire the application, focus and inspiration needed to dedicate oneself to learning them.

I hope they bring you the same joy, peace and illumination that they bring to my heart.

  1. Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra #57
  2. Aparokṣānubhuti #124
  3. Candranamaskṛtya Mantraḥ
  4. Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra #110
  5. Nāgarāj Mantraḥ
  6. Sarasvatī Prārthanā
  7. Laghunyāsaḥ Mantraḥ



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