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Hypermobility – A Blessing or A Curse

Many talented yogis seem to be blessed with bodies that are able to perform a myriad of different and for others seemingly impossible yoga postures. However, after more than 30 years of teaching my observation and personal experience is that it is often these ‘talented’ very flexible yogis who are much more vulnerable to injury and thereby have more physical problems than their stiffer colleagues.

Not surprisingly yoga attracts these flexible bodies. Often this natural flexibility is in fact joint hypermobility due to a generalised laxity in connective tissue.

Pranayama versus Jnana Yoga

One of my readers posted the following question: Is it absolutely necessary to practice asana and pranayama to evolve to the highest human level or is it possible to do so by exclusively following the path of Jnana Yoga as taught by the likes of Ramana Maharshi or Nisargadatta Maharaj?
First I would like to point out that Ramana and Nisargadatta are in Western countries very differently portrayed than in India […]

Why overheating the yoga room is not a good idea

In this post I’m challenging the notion that excess sweating is good for your health and that yogis in India liked to practice in heat. While slightly heating the room might be reasonable, on a deeper level yoga requires igniting your agni (inner fire). Read how this is related to converting metabolic fire into fire of intelligence and how heating your yoga room less could contribute to a reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Personality Cults and Charlatans in Yoga

In the wake of Australia’s own Satyananda-lineage scandal (and many other scandals that went before it) I was asked to air my “thoughts on the problems associated with personality cults and yoga and how people affected can return to an authentic practice which inspired them at the beginning but got waylaid by charlatans who have […]