Helena Rosenthal invited me to talk about the recurring wars that we seem to get involved in. There is an imperative to pick a side and join a team but by fighting against each other we are distracted from cooperating on the issues of our age, i.e fighting climate change and mass extinction of live. The approach I took was to deconstruct the historical, spiritual, psychological and political implications of 5000 years of permanent warfare.
This video was originally recorded on Instagram live, which chews up a lot of bandwidth, so, I apologise for the quality. Helena graciously went through the whole footage and manually added captions in places where it is hard to understand me.
If there is enough interest in this subject I am happy to turn it into a lengthy blog article, which would have the added advantage to eliminate the frequent uhms, uhs and yeahs. Please let me know if there is interest in that.

To see video please go to https://youtu.be/L2s8pXTgwXo