One of my all-time favourites. Questions discussed:

What can yoga offer in today’s crises?

How come that most people get stuck with asana and don’t move forward with other yogic limbs?

Is an excess of asana preventing that the depth of yoga is probed?

What is missed if yogic meditation is not explored?

How does pranayama support mystical states and why is it important?

What is pratyahara and how is it obtained efficiently?

What causes mystical experiences and are they predictable?

How does Divine Grace work?

Can we form a personal relationship with the Divine?

Can you change your life’s divine purpose?

How do we co-create with the Divine?

Is there hope for samadhi?

How did religion originate and how is it related to manipulation?

How is Western Science related to religion?

How can we avert ecocide and environmental holocaust?

How is humanity’s destructiveness related to a contracted sense of self?

How can we bring about a spiritual revolution?

How are we related to plants, animals, rivers, oceans and mountains?

What is the dharmic way?

How do we recognize a charlatan teacher?

And much more….