On this Thrivers Podcast episode Donny gets me to answer all of my least favourite questions such as “To what extent am I self-taught and to what extent do I follow the path of my teachers?” and “What are the biggest misunderstandings that I resolved over time?”. He even gets me to talk about my past (shudder) which I generally prefer to remain a big secret (haha). We are also talking about who influenced me the most and how I ended up teaching yoga (At the time I was a garbage truck driver. The truck broke down in front of a yoga studio and the teacher on that day hadn’t showed up ….just kidding). Anyway, the podcast is a massive hoot…

Also discussed are many secrets of yoga such as
What is kriya?
How much nauli is too much?
Kapalabhati increases the pulse of your cerebrospinal fluid and increases the oscillation of your sacrum and cranial bones.
The purpose of asana is to achieve radiant health over a long period, remove traumatic conditioning from the body and mind and align the spine correctly to facilitate pranayama.
Hermetic texts and the origin of As Above, So Below.
The role of inversions in creating independence from sensory stimulus and the societal implications.
The purpose of pranayama is to remove conditioning from the respiratory strata/pranic sheath, to prevent projecting, concentrate the mind and achieve kumbhaka (breath retention) and induce a kundalini event.
What is yogic meditation specifically and the real nature of kundalini and it’s rising?
What role does devotion play?
How to best divide one’s time between the various components of a daily yoga practice?
Is there a problem with modern yoga culture?
How does someone begin a sincere journey into yoga?
Can we expect new books from me in the near future?

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