Here is my podcast episode on Peg Mulqueen’s Ashtanga Dispatch:

Amongst others we covered the following subjects:

  • if yoga wants to help heal societal and personal problems, then it must become a vehicle for dismantling hierarchical structures.
  • any relationship between teacher and student that is trying to convey some of the messages of the higher chakras, must transform the relationship between teacher and student as well. The model of teachers clinging to power and their own supremacy, has marred religion of the past 10,000 years.
  • yoga must become a vehicle for dismantling power and authority itself.
  • Cult psychology and sociology
  • Set dogmas versus being open to learning
  • Projecting mysterious powers on the teacher as replicating our relationship to our primary carer in early childhood
  • The importance of touch- i.e. adjustment-based teaching
  • The healing quality of touch and the beauty of the Ashtanga system
  • My fear that we will not be allowed to adjust anymore due to legal and insurance reasons and why that would be real loss
  • Why there is more to the global Ashtanga-movement than the cultic hierarchy at its centre
  • As teachers our goal should be that our students will outdo us, rather than instilling in them belief in our greatness
  • Why communities of equals should replace vertical, spiritual power structures