Here are the main points discussed with Adam on the KeenOnYoga podcast with the URL beneath:

  • how I ended up on the path of yoga,
  • my early years and experiences in India and what carried me to Mysore
  • why an understanding of anatomy is important for yogis
  • why people with ample physical problems often go on to become good teachers
  • the difference between tradition and orthodoxy
  • importance of looking at the sequence not rigidly but as a base to start from
  • why Padmasana is important and what defines and effective meditation and pranayama posture
  • the connection of cosmic consciousness, accurate body position and the process of giving birth
  • why it’s good for a male yogi to have a wife
  • why adoration towards adults infantilizes them and devotion is not appropriate towards human teachers
  • how to not fall into the guru trap
  • unearthing miss-understandings around the ego
  • why pranayama is so important and why to be able to practice is a privilege
  • prerequisite to start pranayama and how to do it
  • when can breath retentions be incorporated
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