Gregor’s eighth book MUDRAS Seals of Yoga is now available worldwide as hardcopy, ePub and Kindle. From the back cover “In this volume, for the first time, the complex subject of yogic mudras is comprehensively analysed and described. Mudras do not constitute one of the eight limbs of yoga. Rather, specific mudras support and accelerate success in yogic limbs such as asana, pranayama, pratyahara, meditation and samadhi. Pranayama and pratyahara are largely inaccessible without mudras and here mudras are ancillary and integrated into the practice of these yogic limbs. On the other hand, mudras pertaining to asana, meditation and samadhi are stand-alone practices, that can lead to break-throughs in these disciplines. Prominence is given to the Kundalini-raising mudras, without which success in meditation is often drawn out. The author  additionally elucidates the phenomenon of Kundalini and the pranic blockages (granthis) that impinge on its rising. He also illustrates ethical considerations, prerequisites, and effects of Kundalini-rising, and how to prevent Kundalini accidents. This text describes the 31 most common mudras.”

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