Gregor again talking to Adam on the Keen On Yoga podcast, this time about Bhakti and Gregor’s recent book, How To Find Your Life’s Divine Purpose


The following themes are discussed:
  • Human aspects of the Divine
  • Bhakti yoga within asana
  • Surrendering to the Divine through practice, asana, pranayama, meditation
  • Is concentration devotion?
  • Co-creating with the Divine what aspect you were here to express
  • Importance of your svadharma – your own dharma
  • Pancha kosha – teaching of the 5 layers, cleansing of impact of past traumas on your body, breath and mind
  • Objective and objectless samadhi
  • Shiva pure consciousness, eternal awareness
  • Shakti female aspect of the divine
  • What is your role in the play & how far can you go with your gift?
  • Life is the child of the Divine
  • The Divine is here and now
  • How you act in this world matters
  • Everything you see is the crystallised body of God
  • Indigenous practices, walkabouts
  • Vijnanamaya kosha
  • Your duty in society, giving to the world
  • Self love as a pure spiritual state
  • Accepting that state within you
  • We are all children of the Divine
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