An excerpt from my upcoming book

HOW TO FIND YOUR LIFE’S DIVINE PURPOSE – Brain software for a new civilization

I will now introduce a third aspect of mind, the superconscious mind. Like the subconscious mind, it is not conscious, but rather than beneath, it is above the threshold of your conscious mind. Our conscious mind represents the present, it deals with day-to-day problems. The subconscious mind represents your past, it is a crystallization of your entire past, thoughts and feelings. For you to be able to evolve, to move forward, we need to delete negative, self-depreciating, subconscious content that holds you in the past.

The superconscious mind is your future. Right from the beginning, the very inception of you as a being and all information pertaining to your evolution came from your superconscious mind. When I’m saying from the beginning, I do not mean the birth or conception of this body. I mean the very beginning of you as a being. Probably, this was when you started your journey as a single-cell organism billions of years ago. Right from that beginning, your potential, what you could be, was encrypted in the superconscious mind.

The superconscious mind is really the intelligence of the Divine, but your superconscious mind is where your mind overlaps with the mind of the Divine. All this information of what you could be was there right throughout your biological evolution. A new upgrade was downloaded every time when you were ready to make an evolutionary step. Principally, this would have been the junctions when going from archaeon to bacterium, later to multicell organisms, possibly fungi, plants, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal, primate and eventually humanoid.

Even as a humanoid, you would have, from time to time, received brain-software-upgrades, but the difference from what is happening now is that there was no conscious collaboration from your part, no co-creation. You were merely driven by the evolutionary force of nature which is embodying herself as life in the process of what Shri Aurobindo called the uplifting of all matter to the state of divine consciousness. The difference now is that you are conscious and aware of this process, and you can contribute to it and accelerate it.

If we would simply let our ego choose our resolutions and goals, they would obviously entail the idea of the separated, discreet self because that’s what the ego does and is. The ego’s job is to create a limitation of consciousness in space and time and, therefore, identification with a body. By definition, the ego then must experience itself separate from the Divine and, therefore, must be afraid. Because it is afraid, it must suggest you to be stronger, better, more advanced, more beautiful, more intelligent or even more spiritual than others. It does this in an effort to get limited resources under its control and influence. In order to do so, it must snatch them away from others. The ego tells you that you are a selfish-gene-powered flesh robot separated from its environment whose job is to outcompete other flesh-robots by bringing limited resources under its control.

The ego tells you that you need to do this to pass these limited resources on to your genetic progeny so that they flourish and everybody else’s progeny dies out. It tells us that humanity is the apex of creation, and amongst humans we ourselves are the apex.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening. Everybody else’s progeny is dying out, and it’s called the 6th mass extinction of life on Earth. Unfortunately, our extinction is at stake, too. What I have just paraphrased is the most miserable and debased philosophy that humanity has ever created. If we really go on and annihilate the biosphere, then this justification of competition and the belief that humanity is the apex of life are to blame.

But luckily, now we can do better. We know that the ego has its job and it’s great at what it does. It makes us capable of identifying with a body in time and space. But this is not life’s purpose. For purpose, we must go beyond ego by asking the superconscious mind. Our purpose is giving and contributing to the lives of others so that the entire web of life, the biosphere, increases its flourishing and blossoming.

It is important to realize that the ego itself is not a bad thing. Without ego, we cannot identify with a body and a limited mind. Without it, no biological and spiritual evolution of life would be possible. But the ego is not the right door to knock at when looking for a philosophy of life. The superconscious mind is. It is the superconscious mind that tells what we ourselves can contribute to the larger web of life, to the family of life-forms, to the superorganism Gaia.

In order to learn from the superconscious mind, we must bring ourselves into a receptive position. We must accept the superconscious mind, the intellect of the Divine as something that is capable of giving instructions.

If you believe that the universe is a dumb, entropic machine heading for heat death, the planet a dead rock, and you the result of random mutations, natural selection and bioelectrical and biochemical occurrences in your brain, then you are headed for extinction. And this is so because this philosophy prevents you from receiving instructions from the only considerable source of intelligence in the Cosmos, the intelligence of the Divine.

In this regard, the indigenous people were and, to some extent, are still far ahead of we modern, western, industrial people. Indigenous people understood that everything, every plant, animal, human, rock, river, the wind, fire, lightning, thunder, the oceans are manifestations of divine intelligence and capable of giving instruction if only we listen.

Alignment of all three minds

Ultimately, what we are looking for is the alignment of all stages of mind. When we are setting out on our journey, the content of the conscious mind is almost entirely determined by the programming of the subconscious mind. We could say the subconscious mind is leading the conscious mind. At the same time, the conscious mind is disconnected from the superconscious mind, i.e., it cannot receive instruction from it.

At some point now, our conscious mind wakes up to itself, it realizes that it is conscious. But that is not the end of our evolution, it really is only the beginning. The conscious mind then realizes that the subconscious mind contains vast amounts of programming that is not congruent with the new aims of the conscious mind. The conscious mind now starts to recondition the subconscious mind by thinking into it, over and over again, new programming that is consistent with the new direction in which the conscious mind wants to go. Gradually, we can say that the subconscious and the conscious mind are brought in alignment, that is, the subconscious mind has in its majority accepted and supports the programming that the conscious mind chooses.

The conscious mind’s chosen programming, however, is not collected willy-nilly just because it sounds nice or amazing. It is not as if the conscious mind is going through the aisles of a supermarket and picking out, amongst many displayed destinies, the one that appears to tickle the conscious mind’s fancy. The conscious mind chooses its new programming based on bringing itself into alignment with the superconscious mind. The first step in achieving this is to notice the presence of the superconscious mind. Yogic meditation and yogic pranayama can go a long way here. Near-death experiences or recovering from a deadly disease are other instances in which we become aware. Sometimes, it can be the death of a loved one, a terminal disease or a crisis brought on by a relationship breakdown. Often, it takes a deep crisis for us to revaluate our lives and to look for more.

In the next step, then, the conscious mind begins to download its destiny from the superconscious mind. The method to do so is vision practice. The three types of mind are now coming into alignment. The term alignment here is, of course, metaphorical. Because the intellect of the Divine is everywhere, you need not bring yourself into a special location to listen to it. Having said that, there seem to be locations where it is easier. This is very much confirmed in many ancient religions, such as Shinto (Japanese state religion), Daoism, and Hinduism, but also in the Bible we find references to it.

Alignment, rather, is a state of mind. It is important is to profess to it, that is, to verbally state, that one is now in alignment with the mind of the Divine. It is important that the conscious mind does so with complete congruence and without doubt. This is a state that can easily be achieved by somebody who practices yogic pranayama and meditation. If the conscious mind states, “I am now open to influx of the superconscious mind”, or “What do You want to become as me?” the transmission of divine intelligence will now start. If it does not start, the problem is not to be sought in the superconscious mind, the intellect of God. Remember that divine intelligence cannot withhold because it is pure giving-ness, unlimited potential, and it does not have an ego.

Yes, I know, most of us, even if atheistic sceptics, still think of God as the white, bearded male sitting up on a mountain scowling down on us, saying, “Well, if you work a little bit harder, you may become worthy of my communication.” However, that’s not God, it’s an extrapolated human psyche. That’s how patriarchs and tribal chieftains acted 6-8 thousand years ago when religion was created. We can now evolve from outdated, tribal forms of religion. We now know that the Divine has no ego and is pure love, giving-ness and intelligence. We now know that the message of the Divine was clear even before time started, is clear throughout all ages, and will still be clear after time has ended. And because there is nothing but the Divine, the message cannot but be heard everywhere and in all places.

So, where is the problem if the message is still not coming through? Now, this is really important to understand. If you still cannot hear the Divine speak to you although you clearly have given with your conscious mind the command that you are ready to hear, then the problem is still in your subconscious mind.

I know, people will say, “Not the subconscious mind again”, but the subconscious mind is always the weakest link in the equation. I believe that one’s conscious mind can be polished for this work in relatively short time, that is, two years give or take. However, the subconscious mind can take much longer. And to be realistic, the work on the subconscious mind never really stops; that’s why one has to go daily through one’s cultivations and resolutions even if one believes one has already embodied them.

A case in point is dreaming. There are different types of dreams. Some of them are relating to the future and are giving us knowledge pertaining to decisions we have to make. But many dreams are simply chopped up, regurgitated subconscious content that we go through because we couldn’t come to terms with and compute it in daytime. If you have at least sometimes disturbing or annoying dreams, then there is still subconscious work to be done. We could go as far as saying that as long as there is a body, there is probably still subconscious work to be done. In order to maintain alignment of superconscious, conscious and subconscious mind, we need to daily practice a cleansing regime of the subconscious mind.

Daily cleansing regime of the subconscious mind.

The most important aspect of the daily cleansing regime of your subconscious mind is to understand its importance. The above paragraph did show that any blockage or difficulty in accessing the superconscious mind is based on your belief that you are incapable of doing so. There is nothing else to intercept your conscious and superconscious mind. If your subconscious mind is compliant and coherent with the approach chosen by the conscious mind, then download from the superconscious mind will start automatically. This state will take some time to develop, and the reason is that our modern Western-Scientific culture is hostile towards any brain-software (i.e. belief systems) that are not built on empiricism and materialist reductionism. Once you have understood that you need to replace a lot of these beliefs, you basically need to overwrite a significant amount of existing programming. This will take time.

The present author had the great fortune of being introduced to these concepts almost 40 years ago and can vouch for the fact that progress in reprogramming the subconscious mind is usually not measured in years but in decades.

Don’t get me wrong, some progress is noted very quickly but usually to be interspersed with setbacks. Because of these setbacks, people often give up. Don’t! Expect and know that setbacks will come and then practice your daily cleansing routine with renewed vigour. Understand that it took us centuries and millennia to put our current selfish-gene-powered flesh robot paradigm into place, and it will take some time to overwrite it with programming that is based on bio-symbiosis, i.e., software that is based on all lifeforms forming a superorganism for mutual benefit.

Every day, once or twice, sit still, breathe slowly, close your eyes and take yourself through the following affirmations:

Everything that comes up is okay.

With every breath, I let go of negative judgements about myself.

With every breath, the Divine breathes love into every cell of my body.

I see God in every lifeform I meet and in everything I look at.

The Divine, through me, is touching and healing everybody I meet.

I am open to communication from the Divine.

The Divine is letting me know what It wants to embody through me.

I am now so still that I can hear the Divine expressing itself through me.

I completely surrender to the influx of divine intelligence.

I am open to the descent of the Divine and consecrate myself to It.

I am aligned with cosmic intelligence and infinite consciousness.

I receive divine revelations and express divine love.

I am in service to the Divine and all life.

I see divine order and perfection everywhere.

I understand that it is the intelligence of the Divine that is manifesting Itself as my life.

I understand that my thoughts are thought by divine intelligence.

You can use as many of those resolutions as you like or focus on just one or two. Make sure that you contemplate and cultivate all of them at least a few times. Take your time to really feel them and become them. As you become ready, add to or replace these resolutions with ones phrased in your own language and terminology. Your personal ones may be more effective.