I’m on Erin’s Geraghty’s Thriving after Addiction podcast in two episodes.

In the first part we talk about body/ mind split versus embodied spirituality and how I developed my anatomical approach to asana. The need to become empty of ambition and replace it with an attitude of pure/ divine love. Yoga as an act of self-love. Why the change of our behaviour towards others in yoga is more important than how great our postures look. You will the first episodes by going to


Part 2 was very information dense and we covered a lot of interesting things. After looking at liquifying the body in relation to addiction we also touched:

  • Limitations of joint range of movement and taking flexibility too much
  • How intense practice can help dissolving obstacles and when you are going too far
  • Questioning the validity of your sources of information
  • The importance of practising asana, pranayama and meditation side-by-side and it’s connection to trauma and the triune brain
  • How conditioning and subconscious imprint has impacted our evolution and history
  • How by seeing ourselves in our “enemies” we can’t but start loving them (and us)
  • Why neither meditation nor asana alone by themselves are not enough
  • Why a code of conduct is important and how it can backfire
  • Why starting yoga with asana (rather than inner/higher limbs) is a good idea
  • The importance of asana to counter our society’s tendency to disembodiment
  • Yoga’s stance towards Vipassana
  • Yoga’s core approach to meditation and how it gets us to recognizing that we always have choice, thereby increasing our freedom

Here is the link to episode 2